Duly in his studio.

Duly in his studio at the wheel with green ware.

Duly creates macro-crystalline glaze on porcelain. The glaze mixture, combined with Duly’s original techniques, result in large willemite crystals that grow on the surface of the pottery in a thin layer of glass. Duly also creates silver jewelry from the willamite crystalline formations offering a dance of light that you can wear!

Duly was introduced to ceramics when he was assigned to Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. Following tours of duty in Vietnam, Duly made the decision to dedicate himself to create beauty for the sake of beauty. “I was interested in positive energy, in creating something people would enjoy.” That was 1970. Duly continues to create works of beauty for people to enjoy.

The high fire technique used to create the crystalline growth requires upwards of 2,400 degrees and twenty hours in the kiln at a constant temperature, pushing the clay to its limits by holding it near its vitrification point. “There is a lot of heartache in the failures of the process, but that’s what drives me to keep at it.”